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a new freefont from []

drawn, scanned, and copywritten by matthew austin petty

this font was created on 8.17.97 on matt's pc. the uppercase consists of some the highly educated, extremely intelligent, near-genius, nicest, most beautiful teachers at my high school. the lower-case is some scribbly-like letters. there is no punctuation or numbers for the sole fact that i forgot to make 'em.

anyway, to the point, don't redistribute this font. do not. you hear me? don't distribute my font. only one person can distribute that font. mistermatt. me. violators will be prostituted.

this font is free, so you don't owe me any money. if you feel the need to repay me for this font, throw a brick through my school window. it's at the top of east college avenue in carthage, tennessee. you'll see it. it's big.

if you'd like some more flame resistant fonts, please come visit me at

i love you,
matthew austin





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