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By Ivan Filipov - Website:
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neogrey ltd font end user license agreement

By downloading and/or installing this typeface you agree to this license.

1.This typeface is free for personal projects. For commercial purposes, please write to [email protected] to obtain a grant for commercial use.
2. The typeface may not be modified without permission from Ivan Filipov.
3. This typeface may not be sold.
4. This typeface can be redistributed freely, as long as you include this license agreement.
5. Embedding this typeface in a PDF document is allowed.
6. Embedding this typeface in a web page with a @font-face declaration is allowed.
7. Except for your right granted in this document, all other rights are owned and retained by Ivan Filipov/ neogrey creative.
8. Ivan Filipov/ neogrey ltd will not be liable for any damage resulting from the use of this typeface.





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