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By Flanker
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Extended information

After so many years, finally the famous Semplicità has been digitalized, and in all its variants: Light, Medium and Bold. Semplicità has been created by the prolific designer Alessandro Butti in 1930, for the Nebiolo foundry. My special thanks goes to: Romesh Naik (:Nike) that gave me hope to create this font from original catalogues scans.

Life in general, but also for typefaces, it is always a good idea to have some valid alternatives, especially alternative glyphs. So we decided to add to the historic font Semplicità the new lowercase closed g glyph in roman style, and the Italic lowercase a and y glyphs (version 2.300).

For version 2.400 the Nebiolo company created a new version of Semplicità called Ombra (Shadow in Italian) and attributed to Alessandro Butti or at least to its direction (Butti was in fact the director of the Artistic Studio of Nebiolo).
The Simplicity Shadow uses uppercase glyphs of Semplicità Light, changing some glyphs to improve legibility, adding elongated shadow on the bottom right in the 36,2° direction. The especially modified glyphs are the upper cases S and the lower leg of the K, the 6 and 9.

Version 2.500 has added swash initials of the light series (present in the original 1930s font). The update also contains some glyphs clean up.