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Point-Dexter font

By HypoTypo
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Introducing Point-Dexter (Version 2.0; 04-01-2004), an "HT original" font... After more than a year,... this is the absolutely positively final finished version,... which is meant to replace the TEST/DEMO font that I posted last year at ABF... The font has a fun quirky look,... and I'm calling the style "Scrilligraphy" (it just sounds nice... LOL)... I really like the way that a personal letter looks in this font, sort of an Olde Time Modern curvy curly bendy barely legible look... LOL...

The font has a full character set including the Euro... There are also 30 alternate characters and 3 additional ligatures that can be found in the WRI file just above the 'Sample Text' (check there for the codes)... Check out the included WRI file using WordPad to view the entire character set...

NOTE 1: Remember to open the TTF font before opening the WRI file in order to view the file properly using the font.
NOTE 2: The font looks super printed at 16 points and up.
NOTE 3: If you see any problems with the font let me know.

Comments and suggestions always welcome.