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a tip of the hat to you and yours,
and thank you for downloading "knots,"
another freeware clipfont from the folks at ecf.


got no spots, and a leopard's a kitty,
got no pots, and a kitchen's a pity,
got no dots, and a polka's a ditty,
got no knots, and my shoes fall off....


is a windows95/macintosh truetype font
digitized from a collection of public domain woodcuts
in december of 1998
by steven j. lundeen,
emerald city fontwerks,
seattle, washington, usa.

please note:

this clipfont has been made available as freeware,
and no restrictions have been placed on its distribution or use.



"knots," an ecf freeware clipfont


the font author has included this readme file
because it contains
***essential*** "knots" information ...

which users may find most helpful
as they struggle to free themselves....


a/A/1/! - wall-knot
b/B/2/@ - wall-and-crown-knot
c/C/3/# - double-wall-and-double-crown-knot
d/D/4/$ - single matthew walker's-knot, begun
e/E/5/% - single matthew walker's-knot, finished
f/F/6/^ - double matthew walker's-knot, begun
g/G/7/& - double matthew walker's-knot, finished
h/H/8/* - lanyard-knot, begun
i/I/9/( - lanyard-knot, finished
j/J/0/) - spritsail-sheet-knot
k/K - figure-of-eight, or german-knot, linking
also: � (ALT+0167)
� (ALT+0168)
� (ALT+0169)
� (ALT+0170)
l/L - stevedore-knot
m/M/=/+ - simple, single, or overhand-knot, linking
n/N - bowline-knot
o/O/-/_ - surgeon's-knot
p/P - running bowline-knot
q/Q - hangman's-knot
r/R - double flemish-loop
s/S/t/T/"/'/:/; - bowline on a bight
u/U - sheep-shank-knot
v/V - bowline with a bight
w/W/,/< - harness-hitch, linking
x/X/./> - lark's-head-knot
y/Y///? - square, or reef-knot
z/Z - sheet, or becket-bend, single

`/~ - variation on the spritsail-sheet-knot
[/{ - rope link for the bowline on a bight (s/S/t/T)
] - rope link for the square, or reef-knot (//?)
\ - rope link for knots 1-9, their upper cases, as well as ~
} - rope link for the harness-hitch (,/<)
| - spritsail-sheet-knotball


please note:

if you find "knots" useful,
don't be afraid to let us know...

you can contact emerald city fontwerks via:

[email protected]


and lest we forget,
we'd also like you to know that
ecf offers a complete line of fonts in three flavors:
shareware, freeware and graphic art clipfonts,
all of which can be found at:

what we do depends on you.

please register shareware fonts where appropriate,
and continue to show your support for the art of fontography.






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