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HandTIMES font

By TypoGraphicDesign
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Extended information

Copyright (c) 2010 by Manuel Viergutz (eM-Vii). All rights reserved.

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HandTIMES - free for personal use

Version 1.2

Feel free to distribute this font.
You may but this font on CDs, websites,... with the following restrictions:

-Editing is not allowed!!!
dont distribute an edited version of this font!
-Do not rename this font!
-Do not sell this font!
-Do not handle it as your own work!
(Please named by Designer. For Example "HandTIMES by Manuel Viergutz, download at")

-Do not pass the font without this textfile!

INFOs (technical):
Windows TrueType File, is for WIN and MAC

INFOs (use):
If you want to use this for commercial projects, please contact me:

I also appreciate it if you send me links/images of your (non)-commercial work featuring this font.

I hope you enjoy this font.
If you have further questions, please contact me.

[email protected]


Manuel Viergutz 2011 - All Rights Reserved