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Fleshy Spare font

By eyecone
Fleshy SpareFleshy SpareFleshy SpareFleshy Spare
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Fleshy SpareFleshy SpareFleshy Spare
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The FontStruction “Fleshy Spare”
( by Jéson Garnica is
licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives
license (

The font file in this archive was created using Fontstruct the free, online
font-building tool.
This font was created by Jéson Garnica.
This font has a homepage where this archive and other versions may be found:

Try Fontstruct at
It’s easy and it’s fun.

Fontstruct is copyright ©2018 Rob Meek

In using this font you must comply with the licensing terms described in the
file “license.txt” included with this archive.
If you redistribute the font file in this archive, it must be accompanied by all
the other files from this archive, including this one.