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By jaehoon-lee
Fax SansFax SansFax SansFax SansFax SansFax SansFax SansFax SansFax SansFax SansFax SansFax SansFax Sans
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Fax SansFax SansFax SansFax SansFax SansFax SansFax SansFax Sans
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Extended information

While we were making the community named Fax, and preparing for the independence, not as designers under a company, we prepared the planning/design/development processes of the exclusive Typography for Fax, using each of our spare time for about a year. We spent three months to design / produce it hoping that Fax would contain various people and various values while clearly keeping the value that I want it to have in the future.
To carefully display Fax in the lunching issue, I designed it worthily with the hope that it will be the base of Fax.
I want many people to freely experience out font and also want it to be the opportunity to introduce us.
Sung eun Lee

The font is like a the material with a high quality that delivers the same look wherever it is used, whether it is an activity , a design, a branding, or a product, in its path in the future. Thus, we directed the graphic and design of Typography very worthily, and we will begin and end every Fax activities with Fax sans in the future.
Jae hoon Lee

More information at www.f-a-x.website/fax-sans

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For the quality of Fax sans series, we are sharing the first beta version. ☺
We are just letting you know a few things since it is a font we are developing with hard efforts.

You cannot use it for commercial purposes without the agreement of Fax.
Please contact [ [email protected] ] for the commercial inquiries.

Although the first plan/design of Fax sans series are completed, it is an OTF file for the beta version that the contents of detail upgrades including the typography coding, some special characters, and automatic kerning, are not applied.

Anyone can download and redistribute it, but I want you to refrain from editing even for the personal uses.
( Fax want it to be used as we intended. If needed, we will upgrade it. )

To the people who contact [ [email protected] ] while using the beta version of [ Fax sans-beta ], and help us by
giving the information of purposes of use about industry field and reasonable/developmental feedbacks,
we will be plan to share the final OTF font in the future through personal emails used in the inquiry.

We do not particularly save the personal emails that were sent as feedbacks, and do not use it for business purposes.
( It is only for the prevention of illegal downloads and immoral actions. )