Fandom DingbatsFandom Dingbats
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Fandom DingbatsFandom Dingbats
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Fandom Dingbats
- a collection of dingbats created from
the drawings by the famous Swedish sf-fan Ahrvid

Please note: this is a preliminary version. Some
of the characters still need a little work and I
may decide to add a few more.

So far it is only available as a PC TrueType font,
though a Postscript version could be produced if

* * *

This font was created by Listemageren - you may want
to check out some of the others as well:

Art Noveau Dingbats.
Dingcats v. 2.0.
Listemagerens Dingbats v. 2.0.
Mayan Dingbats.
Square Ornaments.

These fonts - and a few others - can be downloaded
If you want to get in touch, please use one of either:

[email protected] - [email protected]

This font is postcardware. If you like it, please send
a pretty postcard or a fanzine to:

Ahrvid Engholm
Renstiernas Gata 29
S-116 31 Stockholm

Please keep this text-file with the font!

Listemageren, Nov 30, 1997.

PS: A note to Win3.1-users: due to the limited
fonthandling abilities of Win3.1, you may experience
difficulties with some of the more complex dingbat-
fonts. I.e you'll get a square on the screen instead
of a character. This has nothing to do with the font!
The only solution, I'm afraid, is an upgrade to Win95.

PPS: many thanks to all the people throughout the
world who have send us cards, letters, stickers and
other nice things in return for either this font or
some of the others!! We regret, that we cannot always
find the time (or make out the exact adresses!) to
reply directly.