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I finally met Link Olsson last night. Being a student with a low paying job at a movie theater, he'd been saving up his money for 6 months now to be able to make the trip to Toronto. Gotta love determination. I stood at the airport with one of those cardboard signs. LINK, the sign said (in Severina; I figured he'd pick out of anywhere). People must have thought that I was waiting for a rapper of sorts.

Link Olsson is 22 years old and just over 200 centimeters tall. That's 6' 7". When I lamely asked him how the weather was up there, he had no clue what I talking about. He thought "up there" was Stockholm, so he started telling me all sorts of things about Sweden.

Last night we drank a lot of beer (Brava, the Canadian version of Mexican beer) and talked a lot. Link is still sleeping now. I haven't spoken a word to anyone, including myself, since I woke up, so I have no idea if my voice will be hoarse when I speak next.

At one point during the night, Link opened this huge bag that he brought with him, and pulled out a lot of books, posters and music discs. Beside me right now there's a gorgeous poster of some Ludovico initials. I'll hang it up some time during the week.

This is going to be a good week. I haven't done the tourist guide thing in a while now. Link is staying for 2 weeks. So there will definitely be more later on.

Extrano is for Dennis, the lab's number one fan.