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Catharsis Macchiato font

By Catharsis
Catharsis MacchiatoCatharsis MacchiatoCatharsis Macchiato
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Catharsis MacchiatoCatharsis MacchiatoCatharsis MacchiatoCatharsis MacchiatoCatharsis MacchiatoCatharsis Macchiato
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Extended information

This font is inspired by the ubiquitous cute and trendy espresso cafés in New Zealand. It's intended for the logo and menu of such a café, but I'm sure you can find many other uses for it.

The most common non-English languages are supported, and there is even a selection of two-character ligatures to spice up the typography. They don't appear by themselves as with Zapfino, though, you'll have to select them yourself. They're mapped onto rarely-used characters of the US Mac keyboard. You can see a demo image made with Macchiato on my site:

Finally, a steaming coffee cup and the Itchy Dog logo are included. DO NOT USE THE ITCHY DOG LOGO COMMERCIALLY, OR WITHOUT CLEAR REFERENCE TO ME. I might use it myself in the near future.

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Catharsis Macchiato

A TrueType font created by Christian Thalmann (cinga at gmx dot
net, Distribute and use freely, but not without this
readme file. If you should use it for a poster campaign, flyer,
invitation or something, I'd appreciate it if you'd send me an e-mail
about it. I like to see my work put to use. =)

This font is aimed at coffee bars and the likes, hence the name. It
offers a range of ligatures; use a keyboard tool to find them all.

I'm rather proprietary about the Itchy Dog logo; do not use it for
any commercial purpose, and accompany any public purpose with an
explicit reference to me.

-- Christian Thalmann