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Borracho font

By Juan Casco
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Contact me for commercial use at [email protected](Javascript must be enabled to view this email address)

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(Borracho & LOko)
Version 2.00

Copyright (c) 2009 Juan Casco. All Rights Reserved.
[email protected]

Serif font with a drunked style (Borracho means Drunked in Spanish) using bottles and beer cups.
I designed when i was drinking many....many beer!

Conditions of use:

1. The designer as well as owner of this font is Juan Casco

2. This is a free font, but it is restricted to personal use only. Commercial use may be obtained by paying a licensing fee.

3. This font may not be included in any commercial compilation of fonts, be it on CD, disks or other products, without the owner's permission.

4. This font may not be used for commercial ends and financial gain without the owner's permission.

5. This font may be freely distributed, as long as the zipfile, including this text, remains unaltered.

For comercial use , please write to [email protected]