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By Dr H Fontricks, Unc. - E-mail: [email protected]
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Extended information

I'm a composer, was writing a piece for accordion, and needed a font of accordion registrations. Web searches revealed little along those lines, so I made my own. This font contains 120 mostly accordion-related symbols, including registrations, chord notations, and bellows indications. Documentation is included in the Zip file. Freeware, for non-commercial use.

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DISTRIBUTED BY: Dr H Fontricks, Unc.
COPYRIGHT: � 2012 by Hiawatha
All Rights Reserved
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BACKGROUND: I am a music composer. At one point I found myself writing some music for accordion and I went to the
Web in search of a font that would produce accordion registration symbols. I didn't find much out there: a
couple of very limited fonts with a half-dozen symbols, and one or two individuals who had used graphics
programs to create a few JPEG files of the registrations that were useful for them. So . . . I decided to design
my own font that would contain as much specialized accordion notation as I could reasonably pack into it
The result is "ACCORDION".

FEATURES: ACCORDION is a standard True Type font, which should be installed in the standard way on your system.

The font contains 120 symbols, including 74 accordion registration symbols. Of the 120 symbols, 94 are
available directly from the standard keyboard. The remaining symbols are accessed by various "alt" codes
("ALT key" plus a 4-digit number). See the enclosed PDF font map for details.

NB: This font was developed on a Windows PC system, and may not work as expected on Apple or Mac systems.

LEGAL STATUS: * The ACCORDION font is provided as _freeware_, with the following restrictions:

* You may use it freely for _non-commercial_ purposes, at no charge.

* You may freely copy and distribute it to others provided:
1) you make no changes to the font;
2) you include this _read_me file and the copyright notice, which every distributed copy;
3) you do not charge for distribution of the font.

* You may NOT sell this font, to anyone, for any reason: it must be provided freely, or not at all.

* If you wish to use this font commercially, you must contact me and get my permission. Depending on your
proposed application I may give you permission to use it for free, or I may require a nominal charge for the
font of up to $25. But you must contact me.

Examples of non-commercial use are: preparing manuscripts of your own compositions or arrangements for study,
practice, copyright filing, premier performance, or other not-for-profit performances.

Examples of _commercial_ use are: preparing manuscripts for formal publication, sale, or other widespread
distribution; preparing score or parts for use in for-profit performances; preparation of method, history, theory, or other
printed or electronic texts of documents intended for sale for profit; development of logos and illustrations for items
intended for sale for profit (e.g., balloons; coffee mugs; T-shirts; etc.)

use it at your own risk. I am not an accordionist, nor am I a professional font developer. Possibly I failed to include
one or more symbols that every real accordionist thinks is essential. Probably I created a few oddballs that nobody
every uses. So be it; c'est la vie; whatever. To the best of my knowledge, at the time of this writing (September 2012)
this is the most complete _free_ accordion registration font available. If you think you can do better, go for it.

+ You may feel free to e-mail me with any comments or suggestions.
+ If you write to me please include the words "ACCORDION FONT" in the subject line of your e-mail header.
+ I lead a very busy life, so I may not respond promptly, but your e-mail will eventually be acknowledged, if I receive it.


E-MAIL: hiawatha @efn.org





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