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Extended information

Font family: Zabars
Font subfamily identification: Regular
Unique identifier: 1.000;pyrs;Zabars
Full font name: Zabars
Version: Version 1.00, 2011
Postscript font name: Zabars
Trademark notice: Fontname is a trademark of K-Type.
Manufacturer name: K-Type
Designer: Keith Bates
Description: Zabars (version 1.00) by Keith Bates

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=== ZABARS ===

Keith Bates / K-Type © 2011 (version 1.01) - [email protected]

ZABARS is a full font developed from the six characters in the spectacular logo of the Zabar’s speciality foodstore in New York City.
The Zabar’s lettering is a jewel, possessing greater sophistication and subtlety (and a more contemporary flavor) than the usual bifurcated (split serif) font that might simply suggest ‘Circus’ or ‘Old West’. And it’s been given an even fresher twist through the addition of a new lowercase which helps add to the 1960s countercultural aspect of the font’s personality.
ZABARS has been freely adapted to keep the look and feel of the letters in the logo, but the glyphs have been lovingly crafted to work better as a general purpose display font.
However, the original wide A in the Zabar’s logo can be found at the product (∏) position (shift-alt-P on a Mac). Although the point of the Z at the base has been squared off to help it track better, an original pointy Z is included at the Ω position (alt-z on a Mac).
The full Zabar’s logo has also been placed within the font at the Section (§) keystroke, (also at alt-6 on a Mac, alt-0167 on Windows)
The bullet point (alt-8 on a Mac, alt-0149 on Windows) becomes the ZA•BERRY triangular hyphen.
An alternative uppercase M can be found at the mu key (alt-m on a Mac, alt-0181 on Windows).
An alternative uppercase N can be found at the ∑ key (alt-W on a Mac).
An alternative uppercase G can be found at the ∂ key (alt-D on a Mac).


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