VTC Switchblade RomanceVTC Switchblade RomanceVTC Switchblade Romance
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VTC Switchblade RomanceVTC Switchblade RomanceVTC Switchblade Romance
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Extended information

VTCSwitchbladeRomance is a trademark of the V.T.C. Vigilante Typeface Corporation.Copyright (c) V.T.C. Vigilante Typeface Corporation, 1999. All rights reserved. Distroware! Spread like the Plage!

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This typeface is what I like to call Distro-Ware.
Which means you can do whatever ya want with the type-
face with the sole exception or reselling it.
Use however ya wish on as many computers as ya wish
and give it to as many people as ya wish =)
If you would like to include this font on your website
as a give-away feel free, as long as this documentation
reamains with the font! thanks!
Vigilante Typeface Corporation
email- [email protected]
All comments,suggestions,flames enthusiastically welcomed!