V5 Pixelpals FontV5 Pixelpals FontV5 Pixelpals Font
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V5 Pixelpals FontV5 Pixelpals FontV5 Pixelpals Font
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V5 Pixelpals

++ Pixelpals ++

This is a dingbat font that contains a
variety of "characters" with different facial
expressions, along with a few additional -non
character- pictorials. _All_ uppercase,
lowercase, numerals, shift-numerals, and
_some_ punctuation keys on a standard US
keyboard are accounted for.

Set on screen at 20pt (or multiple of), with
antialias off.

Usage: This is a free font--you may use
this and other V5 fonts at will. It may not
be sold, altered, or improperly credited,
however. All I ask is that you kindly inform
me if you find this font useful, and where
you've used it.


Roberto Christen
[email protected]