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After setting your goals and getting that clear picture of how you want business and academics to be for this year, it’s time to make a good plan.

Combining work and school together is never easy as one compromises the other most of the time. You need to do an assignment but have to check on a client and make arrangements for your next project almost at the same time. How do you cope with this?

Be optimistic and start planning ahead with the following tips.

1. Organize your activities. To avoid time conflicts, try to plan your class and work schedules as far ahead of time as possible. Make a checklist of all your daily activities and try hard to follow each.
2. School should come first. Don’t commit to working a lot of hours while studying. The most important thing at the moment is to be able to write my essay for money.
3. Be flexible and willing to make sacrifices. Sometimes you have to ease up on things you want to do because of school and work commitments. If you used to accept all party invitations, learn to say NO sometimes.
4. Use your time efficiently. You can use 10 minutes waiting in a line to go over a few pages of assigned reading. If your job has a lot of downtime, perhaps you can use slow periods to do schoolwork.
5. Find time to relax. Spend a day or night out once in a while, if your schedule permits. Everyone needs some downtime to stay happy and fulfilled.
6. In case of problems, know where to go. Schedule a meeting with your school counselor to discuss your moves or if something goes wrong. You may also talk to your family and friends.

Remember that whatever your goals are in life, it’s best to make a good solid plan to hit them.

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