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Hi everyone -
Thanks for all the interests and nice comments! I made these fonts when I was around 16-17 years old, mainly over a six month period, when I was visiting my mother in Australia, and being away from my friends in Denmark, thought it a fun hobby - especially because of all the positive feedback my fonts received, but as with so many other things, I pretty much lost interest and abandoned it, as other projects caught my attention. I apologize to everyone who has kindly tried to contact me because they wanted to use my fonts, but as I stopped creating the fonts, I also stopped using the e-mail, so your e-mails haven't been ignored, I just haven't seen them. I apologize for this long comment, but hope it presents an explanation to the many people who have tried to contact me. I wasn't even aware of them still being this popular as I haven't visited this website in over eight years. I only visited it recently to prove to my girlfriend that a certain hollywood motion picture had used a font I created in my teens, and even then, she wasn't completely convinced that it was I who had created them.

Thanks for all the interest, and for continueing to fonts!


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