Chung-deh Tien


By Chung-deh Tien
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Extended information

Tsisquilisda is blackbird in Cherokee. In this font you will see 3 style of serif and 1 san serif. this is necessary if I want to base the design on the original Sequoyah syllables and have a contemporary feel like that of futura. there is the tear drop serif you'll see at the end of the syllables "ju " and "hi" . there is the micro serif you see at the vertical stroke at the syllables "a " and " e", (its not design to be prominent.) you will see the heavy serif on the top of syllables "o " and "yi "( it make the syllables more legible at distance.) and of course the san serif shows up at the Cherokee syllables "tse " and the
ends of "me" (at the tips, only 4 out of 46 syllables have this characteristic.) all this will show its distinct Cherokee style, it makes it better i think. keep in mind, this is still an experiment. i don't know if it really works. but i will try it out on other Cherokee font in the future.