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Submerged font

By Divide By Zero
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(Caps only) has large bold capitals submerged in sort of a blobby thing. Intended for headlines only.

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[ Divide By Zero ] Fonts

I am employing a very generous license with these fonts (the way I
think most software should be) for a number of reasons. Mainly though,
it is because I would be making fonts regardless of whether I was
distributing them or not, and because I know that people benefit from
the fact that I give them away. I take enough stuff for free and it
makes me feel good to know that I am 'giving back'.

Here is the license. You are free to download and use these fonts
without my explicit permission for anything you want, except for the

You may NOT* resell the actual font files (without my written
permission and without having to give me something in
return). This includes but is not limited to selling it on a Font
CD (even when the fee involved is a nominal "distribution" or
"handling" fee, or some similar thing), or distributing it on a
site which charges a fee per font download. (In contrast, a
pay-per-hour service such as America Online is free to distribute
the fonts.) You may not misrepresent the creator of the font
(pretend you made them) You may not adapt them to different fonts
without my permission. You may not modify the font files for
subsequent redistribution.

However, you have permission to do the following:
Use them to make graphics for your home page, non-profit web page,
or commerical web site.
Give them to your friends for free.
Make them available (for free) on your web page, as long as you make
clear where they came from.
Use them in design work that you get paid for.
Use them in any smalltime publications or fliers or other non
mass-produced literature.
Make commercial products like T-shirts or Mugs or Books using the
fonts and sell them. In this case, since you are indirectly
profiting off of my work, I ask that you send me one of the T-shirts
or Mugs or Books free, where reasonable. Obviously some discretion
on your part is due; but try to be fair. If it is inappropriate for
you to send me one of your product, at least make an attempt to
write me an e-mail at [email protected] and let me know where the
font is being used.

* "Not", as in, "Not without my permission". I regularly give
permission for this sort of thing, so if you want to redistribute
the fonts for a fee, let me know and we can probably work something
out. Generally I simply request a copy of the CD or magazine or

Exception to the above: The fonts (or converted versions of the fonts)
may be included on any recognized distribution of the Linux operating
system, even if the CD is sold. Please include this README file.

For your information, here is my permanent address:

Tom Murphy 7
339 Still Hill Rd
Hamden CT 06518.1830

My e-mail address is: imightbetm(a)

The full [ Divide By Zero ] collection is always available at:





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