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St32k font

By Uwe Borchert
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Extended information

Version 1.5 (20101212) Created by Uwe Borchert,,, with FontForge 1.0 (

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FONTLOG.txt for st37k

OFL Open Font License

Font St37k and St32k by Uwe Borchert
E-Mail: [email protected]

Based on the capital letters from »Stahl« (Koch/Kühne)
createtd by Rudolf Koch for the unfinished »Offenbach«.

Use St32k with 70% of St37k and you will get similar
strokes like writen with the same brush.


12.12.2010 Version 1.5
- modified umlauts and accented charaters
- added thorn and eth

05.09.2010 Version 1.4
- St37k: height: H, I, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
- St32k: corrected stroke ends, letter S
- addes [C|c]cedilla

31.03.2010 Version 1.3
- added emdash, endash, ellipsis,
quotedoubleleft, quotedoubleright, quotedoublebase

28.03.2010 Version 1.2
- changed Ver 1.1 to real accented characters
- minor changes: asciicircum, A

14.02.2010 Version 1.1
- autowithh to 120, added kerning, correced direction
- Changed J, Q and british pound
- added ordre maskulin, per cent and per mille sign

06.02.2010 Version 1.0a
- changed J

19.01.2010 (Uwe Borchert) Version 1.0
- Released as "st37k"