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Modulario font

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Extended information

Font family: Modulario
Font subfamily identification: Regular
Unique identifier: 1.000;pyrs;Modulario
Full font name: Modulario
Postscript font name: Modulario
Description: Modulario (version 1.01) by Keith Bates

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Keith Bates / K-Type © 2010 (version 1.01) - [email protected]

Modulario is a geometric sans with some surprisingly individual features including some luxurious Roman proportions. The circular O serves to distinguish it from the zero, and the luxuriously wide W and M are both pointed in the middle, although alternatives to the more contentious letters are available within the font. The lowercase shows a little more handwriting influence than is customary – we are used to seeing a writing-style curve at the base of the l, Modulario extends the influence to the i and a, and also sports a uniquely scripty s.

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