Majestic SchnozzMajestic SchnozzMajestic SchnozzMajestic SchnozzMajestic SchnozzMajestic SchnozzMajestic Schnozz
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Majestic SchnozzMajestic SchnozzMajestic SchnozzMajestic SchnozzMajestic SchnozzMajestic Schnozz
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A Font by S. John Ross
Cumberland Games & Diversions

Sometimes, a plush dog can change your life in unexpected ways, and the most accomplished plush dog I've ever met inspired this font. The way the glyph weight increases very slightly toward the bottom? That's him. The spotted stressing? That's him, too. The old-fashioned formality? The softly rumpled lines of the exterior? That's him. That's Englebert. His full name (translated approximately from Dog German) is Englebert Dur Wunderhund Awesome Sauce III, and he's not only a Dogtor (indeed, a Professor), he's a Beagle-at-Law, a certified Style Hound, sometimes a private detective, and one of the world's foremost Hello Kitty enthusiasts (Englebert is comfortable with the term "Hello Kitty Fanatic," which speaks beautifully of his character, I daresay). Englebert is not only majestic, adorable and dignified, he is a communicator - a dog that speaks truth in times of uncertainty, calm in times of stress, and has real opinions on birds and cats that we should all seek to understand. He also has some advice for all of us, each and every one: get more sleep. Sleep is good for you.

PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING: Englebert's owner, Paula, needs your help. Visit

MAJESTIC SCHNOZZ is a full US-Keyboard small-caps stressfont with several extras for additional European alphabets. Enjoy!

This font is copyright © 2021 by S. John Ross. "Cumberland Games & Diversions" and this font's title are trademarks of S. John Ross. This font is free for private use only. Any public or commercial use, or any use by an organization rather than an individual, requires a license; contact the Cumberland Fontworks via email ([email protected]) or find me on the Web for alternate email addresses if that one isn't working. Additional glyphs (foreign alphabet support, customizations, etc) are available by commission.

This ZIP archive may be freely distributed provided none of the contents are altered or removed.

1.0 Free For Private Use