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This font might not be compatible with Windows Vista. Set margins at 0.2 inches or less to use the larger sized glyphs at 72 point size. The zip includes the original two fonts, (at full size and at 2/3 size), with the heart-shaped lips, as well as the revised versions with the historically accurate rounded lips. The monochrome bitmap has been slightly modified from the one used for the font itself; some minor pixel editing was done to smooth the edges.

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Grim Natwick Betty Boop is � Grim Natwick c. 1990, as a gift to Reg Hartt. Fonted by bobistheowl for Metaphase Brothel Graphix, February, 2008.

This font is freeware. Have fun with it!

There is only one glyph in this font, the lower case a. If you are using it in a document, set your margins at 0.3 inches or less, or you won't be able to type the glyph at 72 points.

Myron "Grim" Natwick, (1890-1990), invented Betty Boop in 1930, for the Max Fleischer cartoon Dizzy Dishes. He was one of the pioneers of animated films, and he was also the lead animator for Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The original drawing used for this font was presented as a gift to Reg Hartt of Toronto, Canada, who is, perhaps, the foremost authority on classic animated films. Reg runs the CineForum, a small, intimate theatre located in the living room of his home. If you are in Toronto, look for notices of his film schedules on telephone poles and building sites around town. An evening at the CineForum is an experience not to be missed, when you are in our fair city. Many thanks to Reg, for putting this graphic on one of his flyers, from which I made the scan.


The companion font, Grim Natwick Betty, is identical, but at 2/3 the size of the main font. This allows for many additional point sizes, but some will overlap, (ie: 18 point size for Grim Natwick Betty and 12 point size for Grim Natwick Betty Boop will yield identical sized glyphs). The Grim Natwick Betty font has one glyph, the capital A.

It was pointed out to me on the forum that the heart-shaped lips are not consistent with Betty Boop model sheets, so a second set of two fonts was created, for more historical accuracy. These fonts do not have spaces between the words in the font name, so all four versions can be installed at the same time, without conflict.