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Few Dollars font

By ScrewLooseDesign
Few DollarsFew DollarsFew DollarsFew DollarsFew DollarsFew DollarsFew DollarsFew Dollars
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Few DollarsFew DollarsFew DollarsFew DollarsFew DollarsFew DollarsFew Dollars
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Extended information

This Font isn't free...but it

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But it is ridiculously cheap. If youíre like me and most of the worldís designers we donít get paid $60 bucks a font and we canít afford $60 bucks a font.
So with that in mind I decided to start creating fonts for hard working underappreciated designerís.

5 bucks gets you usage of the font for ANY personal AND commercial.
$7.50 gets you a full extended liscence.

If you think I make tons of money doing this so you shouldn't have to pay, realize that 99.99% of people who download my fonts don't do the right thing and pay for them.
I haven't even recovered the cost the program it takes to make them let alone the time. So if you truely want to use this font for ANYTHING five bucks is a hell of a deal.
That's why if I see any of my fonts ANYWHERE without a valid license number then I have no problem finally get my all monies worth :) (Those using for small or personal projects pay attention to the last part of paragraph three)

Commercial license includes usage in:
Personal projects (design/ software/ applications)
In prints for packaging (cd covers, gift wraps etc.)
In advertising prints (posters, flyers etc.)
In websites as part of design

Extended license includes usage in:
Incorporated into websites or software for resale or distribution
Incorporated into merchandise for sale (T-shirts, mugs, posters etc)

You do not have rights to:
- redistribute/resell/lease/license/sub-license or offer free downloads of the font in itís present form or in a modified form to any third party.

Send the money to me through paypal at [email protected] (if you can't do paypal contact me through the email to work something out)and Iíll send you
a personalized license number to the email of your paypal account for you to keep for your records. That way you can design worry free. Sometimes when I pay for fonts
from and never hear anything back from author I wonder: how the hell will he know I purchased the rights to use it?
I keep a file of all the license numbers as well so no worries if you lose it! Thanks guys and make the clutter beautiful.