John Bloor

Fat Pixels font

By John Bloor
Fat PixelsFat PixelsFat PixelsFat PixelsFat Pixels
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Fat PixelsFat PixelsFat Pixels
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Extended information

The rounded sibling of Bulky, my Fat Pixels face works small and it works BIG! It has given me ideas for loads of other stuff too, so it may end up having children.

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Copyright 1999 Smoking Drum

Thankyou for downloading this font! If you use this font in anything cool please do let me know! Thanks.

This font is copyright 1999 Smoking Drum. That's my company. You are free to use this font for personal and commercial purposes and also to redestribute (so long as for commercial and redistribution uses you credit Smoking Drum and provide a link back to You are not permitted to sell this font.

John Bloor