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Btd BeezWax font

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Btd BeezWaxBtd BeezWaxBtd BeezWaxBtd BeezWax
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Btd BeezWaxBtd BeezWaxBtd BeezWax
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Font: btd Beezwax
Created: July 2006

I made this font to be used on a redesign of the Burts Bees website (2001). It's
gone through a few changes and started out being called btd Candlewax. After
Finishing the font I decided others might want to use ot so here it is.

This font is freeware, use it however you want, wherever you want.
Commercial, Non-Commercial who cares? Not me... If you do decide to package
it with other fonts or make it available for download please give me credit
for the font

I'd also appreciate if you email me and let me know where you're using it
so I can see it in action.

I don't know much about font making or about fonts in general so if you have
some suggestions would like to see something added or would just like to make
a comment drop me an email.

Michael Brittain
[email protected]