Benoét Macaigne

Bajorelle font

By Benoît Macaigne
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Extended information

Inspired by an old postcard from 1911.

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This font is free for commercial and personal use ! Please don’t contact me and ask me if you can use it for commercial use. The same license agreement applies to all my fonts.

Nevertheless, if you appreciate my stuff, you can donate how many you want, or not.


The following is not a license agreement.

Things you can do with my free fonts :

. Use the fonts on T-shirts, posters, books, e-books, apps, games, signs, web sites, TV, DVDs, etc.
. Create a logo or artwork which you can sell, trademark or copyright.
. Use them in scrapbook kits.
. Use the fonts in your game or web site.
. Embed the fonts in applications.
. Embed the fonts in PDF files, software, web pages and more.

You can’t sell my free fonts. But you can sell what you make using the fonts anyway.


I'm a full time graphic designer and illustrator. So, don't hesitate to contact me at macaben(at) And feel free to show me the stuff you do with my fonts !

Thanks for taking the time to read this and enjoy your fonts.

Benoît Macaigne
Lanton - France
PAYPAL : [email protected]